Melissa Marie Bustamante

Melissa Marie Bustamante
Born July 11, 1996 - Miami Florida - USA

Lyda Baro – Aunt



My dear niece Melissa,

As I write these lines to you I wonder how you are doing and I pray to God that you are truly happy.  We long for the day when we will once again be blessed with your beautiful smile and your presence to fulfill the void left in our hearts after your departure to Colombia so many years ago.   

Our family is just not complete without you Melissa; you will always be our little princess and the pride and joy of your daddy’s heart.  There has never been a time when we have not missed you or wished that things could have been different.  There may come time when you may want answers to the restlessness in your heart regarding the absence of your paternal family.  Melissa, please know that we are all here for you and that we also truly love and miss you.  We are totally committed to answering all of your questions honestly while respecting your right to love your maternal family without feeling guilt, pressure, or rejection from us for the time that we lost together.  


Melissa, family life plays a major role in the type of persons that we become and it also gives us our basic strength as persons.  Fortunately, you have had the benefit of experiencing mommy’s side of your family so until the day that you can experience your daddy’s side first hand, I will tell you a little about us: 


Your Daddy, Carlos Enrique Bustamante, is the owner of Carmel Home Inspections, an Atlanta based corporation that inspects homes and buildings for buyers to determine the state of the structure before they finalize the purchase.  You will notice that the company name is a combination of your name and his.   After graduating from the university with a business administration degree, your daddy has owned several companies.  His wife Nancy is a wonderful woman and has been an incredible source of support to your daddy.  She has really helped him maintain a positive focus without you in his life at this time by praying and trusting that God will watch over you until the day that the two of you will once again share the strong father-daughter bond that you once loved.  


Your grandparents, Carlos and Lyda Bustamante, have been married for 59 years.  They have two daughters and a son (your father) four grandsons and a granddaughter (you). They retired almost 20 years ago after they sold Impel America, Inc. a Florida corporation in the import, export business that is still in business today.  They have set a great example for us with their professional ethics high moral standards and the unconditional love that they have always given us.  They are the source of support that we can always count on and the strong bond that keeps us strong even in the most difficult of times unites us across the miles that separate us.  


Your aunt Luz Stella and her husband Richard Grady own Latin Link, LLC., a Georgia company in the language services business.  They have been married for 25 years and have three sons.

·        Your cousin Ian Damian Grady graduated from the University of Georgia and is now in law school at Emory University, one of the top law schools in the US.  Ian is the litigant of our family.

·        Your cousin Brian Richard Grady is in his last year at the University of Southern California.  This university is also ranked as one of the top schools in the US in his field.  Brian is studying to become a movie producer in Los Angeles and is the artistic soul of our family.

·        Your cousin Julian Andres Grady has just been accepted into Marist School where like his brothers, he will finish his high school education.  Julian is an excellent athlete and outstanding student! 


Your aunt Lyda Maria (me) and her husband Robert Baro own A Global Link, Inc., a Texas based corporation also in the language services business.  We have been married for 29 years and have one son.  My husband had two children from his first marriage and I love them as if they were my own.  

  • Your cousin, Richard Adrien Baro, owns Interphase Construction, LLC, a Texas based company in the commercial construction business.  Richard is an incredible businessman and has reached higher levels of success in 26 years than most adults in a lifetime!


My dear Melissa, now you know a little more about your paternal family, as you can see we are all college graduates and while we have worked for many multi national corporations, the entrepreneurial spirit is very prevalent in the Bustamante family.  Most important though, is the closeness and the love that we share in spite of the miles that separate us.  Our strong family unit is something that we truly value and are very proud of.  We look forward to the day that our family will be complete once again with your presence!


Until then our little princess, we send you our love and best wishes for your continued happiness.  May God always keep you safe and strong and may he bring you to us if only for short periods of time. 


Your aunt who loves and misses you always,


Lyda Maria     


Melissa Marie Bustamante - Born July 11, 1996 - Miami Florida - USA -